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*Georgia ranks 13th highest in the nation in teen births and 4th highest in   subsequent rates for teens  
*Girls in foster care make up the majority of those teenage pregnancies 
*Teen mothers are less likely to marry or become self-supporting
*Close 110 teen girls currently in foster care in Georgia are mothers to one to   three children (190 per year)
*Teens in care range from 12-19 years old at the time of their first pregnancy 


What is “The Preserved Innocence Project”?


The Preserved Innocence Project is a collection of projects that fall under the umbrella of The Preserved Innocence, Corp a Federal 501(c)3 Non-profit established in September of 2017 in the state of Georgia (Control Number : 17104478).

Our Focus

The Preserved Innocence Project, Corp is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting adolescents in Georgia under state care. They provide housing, education, guidance, and other resources to create a nurturing environment that helps young individuals thrive.

The Vision

o   ​To provide homes for displaced adolescent mothers that have been awarded to the state.

o   To provide solid mentor-ship for adolescent fathers.

o   To educate and provide resources for adolescent parents about parenting.

o   To educate and provide resources for adolescent parents about responsible choices regarding sex.

o   To provide responsible mental health resources to young parents

o   To assist young parents in becoming amazing parents that will raise amazing children that will grow into amazing adults and parents through academics.


The Mission

The Preserved Innocents Project mission is to:

o   Help youth make smart choices surrounding pregnancy prevention and parenthood.

o   Be a solid entity in our community and teach our youth to do the same.

o   Provide resources to young parents that will enrich their lives and the lives of their children

2023 Goals & Projects


  • Raise $100,000 in donations\grants

  • Launch the "Knowledge is Power (KIP)" sex education program

  • Launce the "Father to Father" adolescent fathers mentoring program

  • Secure a home that can house 4 mothers and their children

  • Become a contracted provider for Georgia Department of Family and Children Services

  • 2023 Feed Families for the Holidays​

  • 2023 Toy Drive

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Mother, Actress, Model, Radio Personality, IT Professional, and Survivor of Domestic Violence, Child Molestation, and Rape. Also became a mother at the age of 15.

As a young woman she was exposed to sex at the young age of 11 by the person who raped her. The following day that incident was used to manipulate her into trusting someone who was considered to be family. That person then violated her for the next 4 years until she became pregnant with his child. This abuse caused her to abruptly leave home just a few months after her 16th birthday.


In having a child at 15 she found herself at 16 separated from her mother and raising a child on her own. As an adult when doing research on DJJ and DFCS she learned there was a number of young women that are awarded to the state of Georgia that are either with child or have had a child. Many of the mothers, in spite of the states efforts, become separated from their children.

Reflecting on her personal experiences with remembering what it was like being seperated from her mother and being alone raising a child, she is now making it her mission to educate young adults on pregnancy prevention and also fill the void of not having someone who truly cares in there corner if they have a child or become pregnant. 

It is also her mission not to only support young mothers but to support young fathers as well.

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2023 Goals & Projects
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